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HOS 365 LLC focuses heavily on the ELD mandate so that the drivers are benefited and stay safe so as the fleet companies comply with regulations and increase efficiency. Four fundamental pillars are the basis of our ELD solution. These pillars optimize the operations of your fleet through GPS real-time tracking, fleet monitoring, better follow-up for your drivers, engine diagnostics, route optimization, fuel consumption, and much more.


Improve the fleet’s safety and encourage the drivers’ good driving habits through our detailed reports on HOS, duty status, and much more.


Comply with new regulations on hours of service, safety checks, location tracking, IFTA, etc.


Increase the productivity of the fleet through better monitoring capability of the fleet and drivers.


Optimize the fleet’s efficiency with better management of maintenance, fuel-saving, resource utilization.

What is ELD and ELD Mandate?

An Electronic Logging Device (ELD) used to record a driver's hours-of-service (HOS). This device replaces paper logbooks that the drivers were using to document their compliance with FMCSA Hours of Service (HOS) requirements and allows more accurate hours-of-service (HOS) recordkeeping.

On December 16, 2015, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published the final rule stating the adoption requirement and use of ELDs by all commercial carrier drivers to complete records of hours-of-service and duty status. The law says to embrace the electronic logging device within two years from the date the final rule was published, which was on December 18, 2017. FMCSA will, however, allow fleets and drivers to use devices that meet the current standard for AOBRDs until December 2019. This period is a two-year grandfather clause from the final deadline for the adoption of the ELD.

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HOS 365 LLC offers the highest-rated ELD device and solutions. The device is hardwired in the vehicle to collect engine data accurately. It works by sending a GPS message with a built-in data network interfaced directly with the engine ECM Unit. It is a complete solution to streamline your business operations and lower costs.


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